The grid kit

The Grid Kit is 100% cardboard and proudly MADE IN THE USA!

The Grid Kit was developed by Harvard alumni Jutiki Gunter and his team at Robotics for Fun, in Oakland, California. While teaching students science and technology, he realized a need to create a building material which made it possible for kids to build anything they could imagine.

The Grid Kit was created and his students flourished. With The Grid Kit, the fun never ends and the sky is the limit.

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  • $80.00
    Step by Step Instructions

    This is for the dinosaur enthusiast! It has a nearly twenty eight inches tall!

    In Stock
  • $20.00
    Step by Step Instructions

    The fish is awesome.

    In Stock
  • $40.00
    Step by Step Instructions

    The wingspan of a bat can extend to 12" or more.

    In Stock
  • $100.00
    Step by Step Instructions