About Us

The Grid Kit was created by a Harvard alumni instructor and his team at Robotics for Fun, in Oakland, California.

While teaching students how to build and program robots we looked for an ecofriendly way for them to implement their own ideas. We found 100% recyclable cardboard was ideal.

Staff created some examples to jump start the process:  including a cardboard robot, dragon and others. When the students saw them they started making their designs.

The Grid Kit was born.

Today with over 50 different kits designed by former students, it’s possible for kids to build anything they can imagine from dinosaurs to dragons to space craft.

Parents have told us that the Grid Kits are a great alternative to digital activities. They are fun to build and can be personalized with markers, glitter, stickers or paint to extend playtime and their child’s creativity.

With The Grid Kit, the fun never ends and the sky is the limit. 

We sell direct through our kiosk at local Bay Area events like Maker’s Fair and the Market at the San Francisco Embarcadero.   

We have academic programs for educators and wholesale program available for bulk purchase. 

You can reach us at (510) 597-0772 or info@thegridkit.com. 


The Grid Kit is 100% cardboard, 100% recyclable and proudly MADE IN THE USA!