Pegasus Kit

Pegasus Kit

The Grid Kit



  • ✨【Bring the Story to Life】: Immerse kids in imaginative play with the Pegasus Flying Horse building toy set, bringing to reality the adventures born from their creative minds.
  • ✨【STEM Learning Toys】: Foster hands-on ability and problem-solving skills with this STEM learning toy. DIY construction of the model enhances fine motor skills, boosts logical thinking, and sparks creativity, providing an engaging educational experience.
  • ✨【Great Decoration and Collection】: Share the joy of hands-on assembly with family, friends, and loved ones. Experience a sense of accomplishment upon completion and transform the finished models into both playful toys and charming home decorations.

The Grid Kit is 100% cardboard and proudly MADE IN THE USA!


Dimensions: 18" length, 18" width, 8" height

Please Note: Glue/ Glue Gun Not Included

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