Lesson 1

Lesson 1

The Grid Kit



Lesson #1
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The first lesson is the Turtle Kit. This is a high success kit and perfect for beginners. Early success is very important in the learning process.

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Step 1 - Open your Turtle Kit - Mini.

Step 2 - Lay it flat on a clean and dry surface. Use a surface that you do not mind getting glue or paint on. It should be a work surface.

Step 3 - The Turtle Kit consists on two pieces - the shell and the body.

Step 4 - Pop out the shell. Gently press until the piece comes out. It has a small tab holding it to the cardboard sheet. Press more firmly at that point. There is a lot of detail on the surface of the shell and the other side is smooth with no detail. Keep the detailed side up.

Step 5 - Pop out the body. The body has two sides. One side had the Grid Kit logo and the other side does not. Keep the logo side up.

Step 6 - Lay the two sides next to each other.

Next you will need glue. There are three types of glue you can use and we will explore each:

Option 1
Glue Stick - This will be fine for this project. It only consists of two pieces so a glue stick is fine.

Option 2
Glue - Elmers or other liquid glues are fine too. They take longer to dry and the material often slides while it is drying. If you use Elmers you should hold the pieces in place while it is drying.

Option 3
Hot Glue Gun - This can fast drying and perfect for models large and small. Be careful using a glue gun because you can burn yourself if you are not careful.

Step 7 - Flip the shell up so the smooth side without the logo is showing up. Place glue in the middle and around the curvature of the shell. Do not put the glue too close to the edge. When you put the two pieces together the glue will spread and bleed around the edges.

Step 8 - Place the shell on top of the body.

Step 9 - Congratulations! You are done.

Painting is optional. In lesson three we will explore ways for you to paint your Grid Kit models. More fun ahead.

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